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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tommy's Tips

Let's talk about gear for a minute. Specifically, your pack of supplies. It doesn't matter if you use a backpack, a duffle bag, or a garbage bag. Whatever works for you and you can carry comfortably without compromising your ability to engage an enemy.
First, let's talk about consumables. You'll need a source of protein, and jerked beef is a good source. Another good source, believe it or not, is canned cat food. Sure, it tastes like crap, but is high in nutritional value. Granola is good to have; it lasts a while, and homemade stuff is hit or miss as far as taste. Dried vegetables are useful and don't weigh much. Whatever you choose, calculate how much you would eat in a day, then supply yourself for three days.
Water is vital, and you'll need to try to keep at least three liters with you. Keep in mind that water is heavy, and more will be hard on your overall pack weight.
If you can find them, the little packets of powdered nutrition drinks are very useful and beneficial.
Non-consumables should include some form of knife, a blade of at least four inches, but no longer then eight inches. Some kind of cord is necessary, preferably twenty feet or more.. Matches are vital, and candles are very helpful as well. Road flares are useful, but they are one hit wonder. A compass is vital, as is a flashlight. Batteries are essential unless you can find one flashlights that work without the batteries.
Other items will be up to you, but if you use this as a base, you'll be in a good place to survive should you need to.

Later, TC

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