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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charlie's Guide

Edged weapons made a big comeback in the Upheaval.  No joke about it.  I saw a number of people who were sporting machetes, billhooks, tree trimmers, and pruners.  
Trouble is, edged weapons are most effective against an adversary that feels pain, someone who can be put out of commission with a large, devastating cut.  
Zombies don't work that way.  You cut the bastard's arm off, and he's reaching for you with the other one.  Cut his leg in half, and he's still crawling to get you.  Sure, you could get both arms and legs off if you're really good, but the odds of that happening aren't realistic enough to try.
I like a good hand axe or tomahawk.  They're small, fast, and you can throw the things reasonably well if you practice.  Mine don't have a curved edge like normal ones.  Mine come to a wide point in the center, giving me a good point for penetration.  
Machetes are good for last ditch work, but you have to get really close to be effective.  Anything mounted to a pole os good for the outdoors, but inside you have a really big toothpick.
I've seen swords used, but the battle ready ones are few and far in between.  Anything stainless is useless.  John and Duncan have experimented with a couple from a store they found up north.  Duncan actually knew a lot about the things and kept John away from the junk.  Right now he's been practicing with what was called a hand and a half sword.

I'll let you know how that turns out.

Charlie out.

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