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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tommy's Tips

Here's a scenario.  You're moving well down a road when you begin to see the beginnings of a small town or community.  Before you get bent out of shape, there are more of these than cities, thank God.  You can see several people moving around, some are by cars, others are stepping into buildings.  What do you do?
Your first response may be somewhat canine in nature.  "People!  Oh, boy!  People!"  If you had a tail it would be wagging.
However, a more rational part of your brain might be saying, "Hang on.  Let's take a look before we get all crazy for conversation."
Why should you care or worry?  Well, what if this group just killed everyone in the town and is now looting their stuff? 
Unfortunately, there are people out there who have discovered the lack of enforced laws means survival of the strongest or most ruthless.  What this means for you is you have to make sure of the intentions of your possible friends before you run out with your hand in the air.  Check to see what they are doing, is it something normal people would be doing?  Are quite a few of them carrying a bit too much from one place to another?  Does there seem to be people who are standing watch for some reason?  If they lived there, what are they afraid of?
The point being is running into situations without knowing what you might be getting into is a sure way to come to some grief.  Once upon a time we used to teach children to cross railroad tracks by "Stop, Look, and Listen."  The same rules apply for any situation you are unfamiliar with. 



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