Thank you for visiting. I have been a fan of the zombie genre for some time now, enough that I decided to try my hand at serious writing. My first series, White Flag of the Dead, chronicles the experiences of a man who is trying to survive a plague of the infected dead, and keep his son alive as well. It is a story of desperation, survival, and hope. It is a story that reminds us the most important thing is not just being alive, but living. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Duncan's Diary

I was really getting tired of this nonsense.  Every time I tried to get the zombies to do something, they messed up my plans and did something else.  I couldn't get them to line up nicely and die already, so I had to move to plan C.  I called over my friends and they came running, since their areas were being overrun.  We held a quick conference as we retreated, and I decided the best plan was to use the forest next to us, since the messy monsters were going to have a devil of a time gettiing to us. 
The forest edge by the road was actually a sheer wall that rose fifteen feet in the air.  The road had been cut into a hill and the erosion break had been there for a while.  The wall extended about a hundred feet in either direction from the highest point, and we could move relatively safely up there.  With the heavy forest at our backs, we didn't have to worry about any ghouls sneaking up on us while we killed their kin.  The hill was still very steep outside of the barrier, so it was almost as effective as a wall, and would slow down the Z's considerably.
I took the low point and the other two took the high and low points.  We waited for the zombies to catch up, and since they moved at various rates and had difficulty with the ditch, we managed to zip out and kill quite a few before the main horde came at us.  I stood on the wayy, holding a tree with my left hand while my right smashed down again and again.  The z's couldn't reach me, and the hill was too steep to flank me.  They just kept coming and coming.  After about ten minutes, I had to swtich hands, since my right was getting tired.
I looked over and saw the same thing happening on the other side.
After an hour, we smashed the last one and were able to free ourselves.  At last count we had killed over seventy zombies.  I'll call that a good start.

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