Thank you for visiting. I have been a fan of the zombie genre for some time now, enough that I decided to try my hand at serious writing. My first series, White Flag of the Dead, chronicles the experiences of a man who is trying to survive a plague of the infected dead, and keep his son alive as well. It is a story of desperation, survival, and hope. It is a story that reminds us the most important thing is not just being alive, but living. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here we go.

Well, the time has come to look at new things.  I have been working on the foundation for a new series, and I think I have struck a note which has started the creative process once again.  The story will involve a agent of espionage, an intentional group bent on killing the world, and a little virus that does some very interesting things to people.
I was trying to figure how to end the series, but in a flash it came to me.  And I'll make you read it to figure it out.  True fans of WFOTD will be mildly blown away, but when I worked this one out, I had a hard time suppressing my evil chuckles.

I'll update soon,

I also have an unfinished project I'll post here if anyone is interested.

And yes, the crew of WFOTD will return.  I have to fill in the lost years, don't I?