Thank you for visiting. I have been a fan of the zombie genre for some time now, enough that I decided to try my hand at serious writing. My first series, White Flag of the Dead, chronicles the experiences of a man who is trying to survive a plague of the infected dead, and keep his son alive as well. It is a story of desperation, survival, and hope. It is a story that reminds us the most important thing is not just being alive, but living. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Duncan's Diary

To say I was nervous was like saying I wish the Upheaval had never happened.  It was so obvious it was like a punch in the head, drag your dumb ass through the street obvious.  We were in the woods, which were right next to a small subdivision, which were teeming with zombies.
Did I say teeming?  I meant to say crawling.  There's a difference.
The odds of zombies being in the woods was stupidly high.  The woods of course were thick, so it was entirely possible that we could step on one at any moment, and have the damn thing sit up and take a bite out of our balls.
After three steps, I was sweating.  But I figured our best chance of getting back was to stay along the river, then make our way out towards the safety of our compound.  Through the trees and brush, I could see a small access road on the river, so we worked our way towards it, hoping we could stay out of sight of the Z's infesting the homes.
We made it twenty of the hundred yards we needed when Up suddenly raised his rifle and before I could stop him, fired a shot across the canal and hit a zombie wandering over there.  The zombie didn't even fall. The bullet passed through the Z like it was passing through Jell-o, and was about as effective.
I looked over at Up and the stupid fool actually smiled at me.
"Hell of a shot, hey?"  He smiled.  His smile died when I raised my rifle and pointed it at his head.
"It would be easier to do this now, then later." I said.
"What?  Why?"
I didn't answer, I just waited.  Sure enough, hundreds of groans started on our side of the water, and dozens of zombies suddenly came rushing at fences. I could see slats being pounded and in some cases, being broken through.
Up looked ashen as he realized what he had done.
I saved my breath, ducked my head, turned towards the road, and ran like hell.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

United States of the Dead

The fourth book in the series, United States of the Dead, has been sent to the publisher and should be completely edited within the next six weeks!  Hopefully a Kindle version will be available soon!

Also, I have started work on the 5th and 6th books in the White Flag series, and these two will be the last of the White Flag of the Dead series.

But take heart, another series may rear its rotting head sometime in the near future.