Thank you for visiting. I have been a fan of the zombie genre for some time now, enough that I decided to try my hand at serious writing. My first series, White Flag of the Dead, chronicles the experiences of a man who is trying to survive a plague of the infected dead, and keep his son alive as well. It is a story of desperation, survival, and hope. It is a story that reminds us the most important thing is not just being alive, but living. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Giving thanks...

Thought I had lost all progress on Generation Dead Book 2 when my laptop died.  Turns out I had saved 30% of it on a flash drive, which makes the loss only about 10%.  AND I found my notes on the book, so as soon as I sort out my life issues, I will be finishing two projects.
I have the ending worked out for Gen Dead 2, but I have to get there from where I am.  Should be a trip.

I think this will be the last line of the last book of all the books connected to White Flag of the Dead.:

"Hi, Ellie.  Did I keep my promise?"