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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tommy's Tips

I've talked about what to take, what's useful and what's not.  I've talked about things that you should have in your pack, and things you shouldn't.  One thing I've not talked about it what to have on your person at all times when moving in zombie territory.  This is not in your pack, it's attached to you.
A knife of at least four to six inches.  
A compass.
Matches (Wooden ones are very good, keep them in an old pill bottle to keep them dry)
A large bandana.  Very useful for a lot of things.
Your secondary firearm plus ammo. A rifle should be your primary
Some form of dry food
String or paracord, about twenty feet
One of those small ponchos.  Being wet sucks.

This stuff should be distributed evenly throughout your clothes, and you should practice getting things in and out until it is reflexive that you know where things are.  You should not pull out a granola bar when you wanted your spare magazine for your gun. Your gun won't work.  Ask Duncan.


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