Thank you for visiting. I have been a fan of the zombie genre for some time now, enough that I decided to try my hand at serious writing. My first series, White Flag of the Dead, chronicles the experiences of a man who is trying to survive a plague of the infected dead, and keep his son alive as well. It is a story of desperation, survival, and hope. It is a story that reminds us the most important thing is not just being alive, but living. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Book 6 Update

So I got a little bit behind in the writing, and it looks like Book 6 will not be finished for another two to three weeks.  I am hoping for some serious writing time for the next few days.  If that happens, then I may revise that estimate dramatically.  Basically, I am hoping for several hours of uninterrupted writing time, which would put me back into a semblance of a schedule and knock a week or two off my timeline.

Stay tuned, and I should have an update by Wednesday.


  1. This so made my day!!!! I can not wait for the next one!!! I think your books are, by far, the best zombie series out there! YEA ZEUS!!!!

    1. Ok, I'm replying to my own post. As you can guess, that last post should have gone on the "Zeus announcement". But I still stand by my statement that I love your books. Keep your chin up. We'll be here when book 6 is ready.


    2. i'll come babysit or mop your floors- anything to help you get this new book out! can't wait to see where you take those little hungry hellions!

  2. How about sending your zombie killers over here to England?