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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tommy's Tips

When the world ended, I was amazed at how many skills we had lost over the past century.  We had to re-learn how to plant crops.  We had to go back to our roots and figure out what plants had medicinal value and what ones would make us sick.  If something broke, we couldn't just walk down the road and buy another one.  That little stroll could get you killed.  In the blick of an eye we needed to become self-reliant, self-sufficient, and to a certain degree, self-absorbed. 
Every day, you need to wake up and be worried about YOU.  Do a quick inventory of your limbs and parts.  Any cuts that need a wash?  Any open wounds that need covering?  Any joints feel stiff?  Any headaches, earaches, or aches in general?  If you are not at the top of your game, do not go out there.  Stay safe and get better.  Duncan nearly got killed when he ignored a head cold that settled into his ears, and the hearing loss became critical when we sweeped some small towns.  If you nose is running, you might inadvertantly sniff when you don't want to and bam, you're in a fight.
Small forgotten skills have become important again.  Learning to sew has been a huge benefit.  Not only do you get to repair your rents and tears, but you get to laugh at the sight of a guy as big as Charlie sewing his socks by the fire.  Trust me, you'll learn to do it right quickly enough.
Everyone I know has learned how to hunt small game and skin animals.  You'd be surprised at who takes to those kinds of things.  Guy I knew in Wisconsin was a film editor for a local TV station.  After things settled in it was discovered he had a weird knack for hunting wild turkeys.  Go figure.
Pay attention to yourself as you never have before, and remember EVERY skill has value.  No one is too big to do the little things.  Just ask Charlie.

Tommy C

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