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Friday, April 8, 2011

Charlie's Guide

Physical Fitness.
Once upon a time it was the fashion, everyone was climbing stairs to nowhere and running like gerbils on treadmills and other machines for their cardio.  Good for them. 
Then came the Upheaval.  All that cardio was absolutely useless when a dead bastard was pulling you in for a virus-ridden kiss. 
Who were the survivors?  The ones who actually managed to fight off the zombies were the ones who were stronger than your average person, someone who spent some time in the weight room, or someone who had a job that required a good amount of strength.  I'll be honest, there were a lot more laborer survivors out there than lawyers.  God is kind, occasionally.
So what does this mean for you? Should you find some weights and start a routine?  You'll be betting your ass on it, so what do you think?
Here's the math, as we have figured it out.  Your average zombie is not as strong as your average person.  But a bigger zombie will be stronger than a smaller person.  In that confrontation there will soon be another, smaller zombie.  The best estimation we've come up with is to assume the zombie's strength to be  half to two-thirds of what it would be if they were alive.  More muscular zombies mean greater strength, skinnier ones and children mean lesser strength.  We won't discuss tenacity here.
You upper body strength in this new world is more important than your lower.  Don't ignore your legs, but you don't need to go crazy.  Find a weight that makes you work for ten reps, no matter the exercise.  Then add an additional five pounds.  When you can lift that without too much difficulty, add an additional five pounds.  Your goals should be to be able to bench press your own weight or more, and curl half your weight on a bar.  You should be able to do fifty push-ups without difficulty, and be able to lift one half to three quarters of your weight over your head.
Now for zombie specific exercises, I would recommend finding a sack of some kind and filling it until it weighs one hundred to one hundred anf fifty pounds.  Practice grabbing that sack off the grounds and throwing it from you as far as possible.  Whatever technique you are comfortable with.  The further the better, but if you lose your footing, you lose.
Practice makes perfect, but strength defeats the Z.

Charlie out.

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